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responsive tabbed content

Responsive Tabbed Content jQuery Plugin – Responsive-Tabs

Responsive Tabs that shift to accordion when reaches the CSS breakpoint . It Adapts to every screen and device.

Category: jQuery | Sub-Category: Tabbed Content
collapsible menu jquery

Collapsible Menu jQuery Plugin – metisMenu

Simple but powerful collapsible menu jquery plugin that creates vertical auto collapse menu, but also you can use it as a tree view menu and many other ways.

Category: jQuery | Sub-Category: Navigation
parallax scrolling jquery plugin

Parallax Scrolling jQuery Plugin – Laxicon

Parallax scrolling jQuery plugin that will add some basic parallax function to your background images. You still have to manually apply some basic style to your images

Category: jQuery | Sub-Category: Parallax
full screen modal jquery

Full Screen Modal jQuery Plugin – animatedModal.js

A full screen modal jQuery plugin accompanied with CSS3 transitions. You can create your own transition or simply use some third-party library like animate.css.

Category: jQuery | Sub-Category: Animation
bootstrap star rating

Bootstrap Star Rating jQuery Plugin

Powerful bootstrap star rating jQuery plugin that has modern look and supports advanced features like fractional star fill.

Category: jQuery | Sub-Category: Forms
free logo progress bar

Logo Progress Bar jQuery Plugin – LoadGo

Great logo progress bar JQuery plugin that allows you to create an animated progress bar out of any image.

Category: jQuery | Sub-Category: Animation
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